Imagine a garden where the lawn never needs mowing, the hedge never needs cutting, weeds just disappeared, in fact you didn’t have to do anything and it always looked great, that image you just conjured up in your mind could quite easily be your garden.

Garden maintenance doesn’t cost as much as you might think, as with short regular visits problems never build up, and the place always looks fresh and tidy.

Maintenance can include lawns, hedges, pruning bushes and trees, ivy, fallen leaves removed, weeding of all areas,  Litter and waste removed, moss removed from paths, paved areas swept & tidied and whatever else required to keep the area in top condition thus leaving you free of all the hassles and worries.

We will put down grass seed if your lawn needs it, feed and scarify your lawns, use of weedkillers only where necessary, and make your garden a place for you to enjoy.

We keep all the edges very neat, and make sure all areas that may need access such as manhole covers and drains are clear and easily accessible.

Whatever your garden needs are Marks Garden Services can offer a full range of services to meet your needs, requirements and your budget.

Every garden is different in one way or the other so this makes it difficult to give you a fair and accurate price without actually viewing it.

To give you an example an average sized garden would probably need tending:

From March – November – Fortnightly

From December – February – Monthly

This is dependent on conditions ie weather, frost etc, we can visit as often as you like, but if we visit less often this will usually mean we will have to stay longer as more work needs to be done, so its not always cost effective.

With this amount of visits the average sized garden would take around 1 – 2 hours per visit, some people like us to mow their lawns once a week at the height of the growing season to make sure its always short.
Some people like us to visit weekly all year, to carry out other garden tasks i.e. restaining fences & sheds, pressure washing and other general repairs.

Don’t be put off if you only have a small garden, as no garden is too small to be maintained, it just means we should get the job done even quicker, and in that costing you less.

We do not require power or people to be in, just access to the grounds.

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